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May 31-June 2 2019


A Woodland Awakening
The nice weather has arrived and the land has awakened anew. Join us as we celebrate nature and the world in a woodland setting. We gather again as if for the first time with the promise of new light, new leaves, new grass, new growth. 
The land is as eager as we are for the building of new friendships and community.
As the wheel of the year continues to turn, 2019 finds us with a spring in our step and the winter behind us. We gather to honour the Gods, remind them we are still here and to give thanks for the rebirth and renewal of the Earth.


June 21- June 23 2019
Mayan Solstice Weekend​
Experience the energies of a Mayan Sacred Fire Ceremony as we honor the myriad of spirits who inhabit the forest and trees. The fire will burn bright as we recall our age old connection to the Nature, Creator and the 20 Nawals.
 The summer solstice is celebrated the world over. It is a great time to rekindle existing romances surrounded by nature with all its elements and magic.





First few months at StoneHeart

Wow what a first few months. The land is so inviting and peaceful. Worth all the excitement, anticipation, searching and hard work we put in. The house area was pretty much set up, so our first priority for the new land was to make sure it was ready and prepared to receive its firsts guests. We had planned on having our first gathering " the naughty Nymph" just 3 weeks after the move in date. The rush was on...we needed to make sure we had camping and parking spots available and lots of wood for our night time revels fires... If you know our gatherings and pagan events we love to revel, sing, dance and share around the sacred fire and tons of wood is needed to make that happen, so it began, dragging , clearing and hauling wood, weed wacking, tree limbing



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Volunteers are always welcome... there is always so much to do. Further, we welcome any and all ideas for how we might improve the land or your experiences there. We have found our pagan community to be a wealth of knowledge. Keep your eyes out for work weekends. We will post them as they come up.

Future Projects & Plans
  • Walking Labrynth                                         
  • Community Garden
  • Bunk Houses


  • Ancestor, God/ Goddess Alters
  • Ve`
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Compost Toilets


 StoneHeart Welcomes you

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