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42 acres of beautiful forest and rolling hills with old and new growth, plants and wild life in variety and even a small creek. A place for healing, sharing, spiritual empowerment, learning and perhaps some old and new growth of our own. StoneHeart is home to various celebrations and festivals throughout the summer months. Contact us if you would like to host an event of your own.


What We Offer

StoneHeart is a spiritual destination, a place of acceptance where authentic self expression is encouraged. We offer a safe environment to explore one's spirituality; a space to rest, celebrate, heal in a natural setting. In the short time we have been here we have already had guests report back at feeling their pain lifted during their stay. The healing qualities and energized state of the land seems to be felt by all.


StoneHeart offers a variety of events within a supportive community to allow visitors to share and heal. Beginning in the spring and running thru to the fall you can join us in building an energy of community and health that we hope will last for generations. We have a pole shelter for community feasting and to double as the marketplace for all your vending needs. We have an eleven foot fire pit surrounded by natural sand for dancing, drumming and general revelry throughout the nights.


This is rough camping at its finest. StoneHeart has layers of needled forest floor, heavy with moss to make perfect beds for tenting. A place to be in touch with nature and explore a forested piece of prime Canadian shield.


Who We Are

Stewards of the land... Individuals who have come together in love and friendship. 


Stoneheart  sprung out of a desire to explore a sustainable living condition alternative.

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